MCA Programme

MCA Programme

“MCA (Master of Computer Application) is a professional Post Graduate Programme in computer science. It focuses on providing a theoretical as well as hands on implementation training to students in the associated domain.”

Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a two-year specialized post-graduate programme for applicants need to explore further advancements into the world of computer applications, with the help of consistently learning advanced programming language. An MCA programme endows students a prospect to work with tools meant to develop better and quicker applications.

Considered to meet the acute scarcity of competent professionals in the IT (Information Technology) industry. MCA course that endeavours the students all round development about the various aspects of computer programs, application software, computer architecture, operating systems and many more. MCA course can be an excellent academic choice for in the future because, the MCA graduates would be mainly hired in the IT Industry which is expected to grow by minimum 5% over a span of next three years. Similarly, India remains the largest provider of IT Solutions and Outsourcing, thus creating a steady flow of jobs for the MCA Graduates.

Our MCA department imparts various skillsets through seminars, conferences, workshops, various activities, placement assistance and drives to inculcate strong technical skills, teamwork, leadership qualities for attaining quality and thereby increasing employability skills. The core values of this discipline would help the students to develop their overall temperament and make them worthy technocrats to compete and operate at global level.

Why Study MCA?

MCA is a two-years PG program planned for applicants who want to shine in the world of technology. Master of Computer Application is blooming with endless opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

1. The MCA job sector is booming with more than 2,00,000 new job opportunities every year, and it has a consistent growth of 7.7% every year.

2. MCA candidates have enormous job opportunities in a variety of industries/sectors / job roles.

3. After completing MCA, candidates will get a quick placement with a lucrative pay package.

4. Promising MCA candidates can also expect to get hired by the world-best MNCs and IT companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

Prospective positions after MCA:

1. Software Developer
2. Business Analyst
3. Cloud Architect
4. Data Scientist
5. Computer System Analyst
6. Software Engineer or Programmer
7. Database Administrator
8. Software Publisher
9. Software Application Architect
10. Software Consultant
11. Hardware Engineer
12. Web Designer/Web Developer
13. Senior Technical Consultant
14. Project Manager
===== and so on.