Summer Internship Project (SIP)

About MBA Summer Internship Project (SIP):

Summer Internship Project (SIP) is a programme wherein students of MBA work with some private or public company or organization so as to gain first-hand practical experience of business and practical business exposure. At the end of Second Semester each student shall undertake a Summer Internship Project (SIP).

SIP may be a research project – based on primary / secondary data or may be an operational assignment involving working by the student on a given task/assignment/project/ etc. in an organization / industry.

Duration: minimum of 8 weeks

The SIP can be carried out in a Corporate Entity / NGO / SME / Government Undertaking / Cooperative Sector

It is mandatory for the student to seek advance written approval from the faculty guide and the Director of the Institute about the topic and organization before commencing the SIP.

The SIP report should be well documented. For more details, refer SIP format & FAQs section.